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Here are my projects ordered chronologically (newest first):

  • Ebay.Net - A client library for the ebay API targeting .NET standard 2.0.
  • New Blog - Migrated from Wordpress to Github pages
  • AutoName.xUnit - An xUnit extension to dynamically generate human readable test names.
  • SSMS Results Parser - Visually compare side-by-side two SQL Server Statistics IO and Time data. Simply copy your output from SSMS and compare!
  • x-ray - Visual debugger for your HTML, executable via a bookmark
  • Old Blog - A place to share my thoughts, struggles and discoveries in software development!
  • Inventory System - An eBay stock management system built for my girlfriend needs
  • Masters Thesis & App - What are some of the common problems encountered by organisations when analysing and managing Big Data, and can these be helped by using Distributed Computing?
  • Dog Walking App - Masters project enabling local dog walkers to discover new walks!
  • Serializability - Determines whether a schedule is conflict serializable along with it’s precedence graph.