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Docker Workflow

It’s 2019, and I’ve decided to finally take the time to learn and start using Docker! This post is what I wished I had when I started. The only pre-requisite to this post is that you go through parts 1-3 from the official documentation, then you should follow be able to follow without a problem!

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Migrating Source Control

Over the last few weeks, I have been responsible in migrating our companies source control system from tfs to git! This post - if you like - is a checklist on how I was able to encourage, remove uncertainty and persuade the company to migrate!

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NDepend - Static Code Analysis

Over the past few months, I have been trialling a number of different tools to help me improve code quality. However, static code analysis it’s something that I was yet to use… until now!

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Async Programming in .NET: Part 3

Now that we’ve covered the foundations along with an introduction on how we write async code in C#, this article will focus on the best practices for async programming!

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Async Programming in .NET: Part 2

Following on from part 1, in this post I will discuss in detail how to write async code in C#.

As a recap, asynchronous code essentially helps to remove performance bottlenecks and improve responsiveness of the application. It’s ideal for any scenario where your application is subject to blocking (I/O bound). Many APIs in .NET already support async programming (HttpClient, StreamWriter,StreamReader etc), but one might wonder why it’s not used everywhere (Node.js anyone?).

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