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SOLID Principles

I have recently started reading Clean Code and I have been summarizing each chapter on this page. In chapter two, I found a number of references to SOLID principles. I was aware on some of the principles, but truthfully I never took the time to properly uncover their meaning, until now.

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High Cohesion, Low Coupling and Strong Encapsulation

As a rule of thumb, ensuring software has high cohesion, low Coupling and strong Encapsulation will lead to better quality Object Oriented design. But what does this actually mean?

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Clean Code

NDepend Loading

Last Update: 03/11/18

Today I started reading Clean code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin. As a helpful reminder, I will summarise the core concepts from each of the chapters. Conveniently, the guys at have recorded a podcast series discussing each chapter, which I will use to ensure I have fully digested the content! I will provide their links, along with supporting material that I found helpful.

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How to debug Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017

Anyone who has worked with Xamarin is well-aware that the platform is still in its infancy. It’s an interesting framework, but it is riddled with bugs, performance issues and visual studio doesn’t always play ball.

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Strongly Typed Enum Pattern in C#

I’ve recently subscribed to a new developer podcast; “Weekly Dev Tips by Steve Smith“. The podcast is fantastic, providing many useful tips spanning a range of topics from programming design to developers’ soft skills. One of my favourites episodes was #14, where he discusses a strongly type enum pattern: Smarter Enumerations.

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