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Unity 5.6.0f3 crashing on splash screen fix

I lost a few hours trying to get unity to run, only to crash at the splash screen and get greeted by the bug tracker!

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NGINX – How to setup as a reverse proxy

Before I show you the installation and configuration, if you don’t know already what a reverse proxy, or on that matter a proxy, then read the next section. If you just want to get onto the configuration, you can skip this section. I found that there are many definitions out there on what a proxy is, but many were extremely abstract, making it difficult to contextualise. For this reason, I have attempted to keep it simple, whilst covering the core.

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For some time I have been using ghost.css to help me identify what style/element prevents a webpage to render as I would expect. In all my browsers and dev environments, I always make sure to add the bookmark!

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